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Best Outdoor and Indoor Pizza Ovens

July 13, 2016 |

People who have their own clay or brick pizza ovens, whether they are indoor or outdoor pizza ovens, are going to be able to create restaurant quality pizza within their own homes. Many people are impressed with a household that has its own pizza oven. People will never have to order delivery pizza again when they have their own pizza ovens. It is just too difficult to get restaurant quality pizza using a microwave or a conventional oven, since pizza needs to be baked at very high temperatures. The best outdoor and indoor pizza ovens can truly give people the pizza that most people will mistake for delivery pizza. (more…)

Best Pizza Cutter. Tough Pizza Crust Doesn’t Stand A Chance.

December 10, 2015 |

We love pizza if you can’t tell by now. What do we love more than pizza? Cutting the pizza into neatly made triangular slices without any issue. This is the purpose of this post. To basically get pizza into your body faster and more efficiently. The pizza cutter is a must have for the home made pizza or the frozen pizza enthusiast. Of course it is easy to just take a knife and hack into the pizza until it forms some sort of edible sections for you to shove into your mouth but where is the style in that? Why not do it like the professional pizzerias do it? (more…)

What State Has The Most Pizza Places? This Map Will Show You.

February 20, 2016 |

When you’re looking to move, there’s quite a lot of things to consider. What are the local schools like? Can I get decent medical care? How bad is the crime rate? Will I always be stuck in rush hour traffic jams? What are my chances of getting a good job? Ok, so some of those things are pretty important when you’re choosing somewhere to live, but what we all really need to know before we make a serious life decision like finding your ideal home is how easy is it going to be to get your hands on some really great pizza! (more…)

The Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Guide

August 29, 2015 |

Chicago style pizza brings to mind many different kinds of pizzas that were first created in Chicago. Most assuredly the most well known of these different styles is the deep-dish pizza. Outside the Chicago metropolitan area, the most commonly known Chicago style pizza is the deep-dish style of pizza. People who love the taste of authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza and don’t live in Chicago, are able to actually order the pizza from some of the Chicago deep-dish pizza restaurants who are willing to ship their partially baked pizzas inside the continental United States. These people who crave the authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza will eagerly comply to pay for the expensive shipping cost just so they can have this famous deep-dish pizza. (more…)

Tax Evasion Charges to Owner of a Popular Pizza Place

February 25, 2017 |

On Friday, the owners of the famed Ocean City pizza were sentenced on tax evasion charges said Paul FIshman, the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey.

One of the owners, Charles Bangle, plead guilty to tax evasion in regards to his 2010 tax returns. The statement mention Charles setting up transactions to avoid having to report income from his Ocean City pizza place. Charles was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Mary Bangle, Charles’ wife, was sentenced to probation for the term of 3 years and was handed a fine of $3,000 after she admittedly lied to the IRS.

By failing to report almost $263,000 in income from the pizzeria they avoided paying $91,000 in taxes. Charles also admitted to making deposits of less than $10,000 to avoid reporting requirements.

The Bonnie in this story, Mary Bangle, admitted to lying about keeping only enough money to make payroll to their employees. In actuality, she kept money for her personal expenses. She also lied about the amount of funds she deposited into her personal account.

The Couple must pay back almost $250,000 in restitution along with a $5,000 fine. Charles begins his sentence in Septemeber of this year.

Pizza Robots? Yes. The Future is Here.

June 27, 2016 |

Yes you read right. Robots are taking over the world as expected. The long time loved career position of certified pizza maker is now in jeopardy like so many other job positions in this world. Is there no room left for the human artisan who takes pride in their work? “Of course there is” you say? “These robots aren’t created for the local pizza places that we love so much” you say? A silicon valley start up company known as Zume’s begs to differ. They are in the pizza business to become the “Amazon of food” says Alex Garden, the former president of Zynga Studios.


According to Bloomberg, Zume’s began to quietly recruit engineers and chef’s to bring their robot pizza maker robot into fruition without raising to many red flags. Concurrently, patented pizza trucks with ovens were being created to cook the pizza en route to the delivery destination. Although these trucks are still waiting to be approved by the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health this didn’t stop them from creating the pizza cooking prototypes.

We here at Pizza Near Me are all for the robot pizza maker revolution if it can bring us our pizza 15 seconds quicker. Even though we love the local pizzeria dearly, the idea of robots making our pizza is just to good to pass up. We are anxious to try the robot pizzas ourselves as we are curious to see if the robots will add the taste of love to the pizza the way our local pizza places do. We all know how great love taste. What do you think of the robot pizza revolution? Let us know below in the comments!

Pizza Place of the Month | Giordano’s Pizza Chicago

February 28, 2017 |

I may be a bit biased as I am from the south suburbs of Chicago but our first iteration of Pizza Place of the Month goes to Giordano’s Pizza of Chicago, IL. My earliest memories as a child are of my father taking us to a dimly lit Giordano’s restaurant for a delicious Chicago Style deep dish pizza. Ever since. Giordano’s has been a must visit pizza place any time I go back to Chicago. It is only right that we make Giordano’s Pizza the first iteration of our monthly honor. While there are several pizza places in Chicago, Giordano’s stands out as the go to place for Chicago pizza. But then there’s Home Run Inn pizza… Check out their website here. (more…)

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